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ORIGINAL ART--DEADPOOL in Gwenpool Holiday Special: Merry Mix Up "Deadpooloween" Page 03

$125.00 - On Sale

Deadpool decides to leave the house in search for some Halloween antics of his own. Might as well celebrate, right? No one is left unscathed! Bags are snatched. Avengers Mansion is TP'd. Bags of poo are set aflame for Colossus to stomp on. Blood! Gore! Candy! Terrified revelers!

Page three of "Deadpooloween," a short story featuring your favorite mercenary in the Gwenpool Holiday Special: Merry Mix Up from December 2016! Yeah, it's not an Xmas story, but it's a HOLIDAY, ain't it?!

14x17" ink on bristol, page can be trimmed down to 11x17" (margin on right of page).

For shipping outside US, please inquire.