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***SOLD: ORIGINAL ART: Scooter Girl Advertisement 2016

Image of ***SOLD: ORIGINAL ART: Scooter Girl Advertisement 2016


Advertisement art for SCOOTER GIRL, as seen in IMAGE+ magazine (#6) and December 2016 PREVIEWS magazine.

Original Art featuring lead characters Ashton, Margaret and Desmond. 11x14" ink on bristol.

Remastered Graphic Novel available in color December 21st, 2016 at your local comic shop and book stores via Image Comics!

What's worse than being knocked down from being on top of the world? Having someone standing above you, laughing and making it near impossible to get back up! Ashton has it out to get Margaret, who really can't be bothered with the spoiled egomaniac. This dark comedy series is set against the backdrop of Southern California's mod and scooterist scene circa 1997-2001.

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